Polar Beats Tropical Beat Battle Submission

in #dsound2 years ago

I just finished off my beat for the Steem Music Alliance "Beat Battle League". I believe my beat is qualifiewd for the tropical beach vibe I added to it. Using all my own sounds and technique on the beat.

At first I wanted it to come out as like Reggae then wound up turning into a bit of mixture between club Hip-Hop. Was a new thing for me didn't really think it would turn out like this! Hope you all listen to how I did the bass guitar pretty neat hope you enjoy my beat! You can check some more of my beats on polarbeats.com

Check out my Hip-Hop discord somewhere you can post up your music, promote, and handle business! discord.gg/bEmvCvM

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Wow that's cool! Since you mentioned it, I always like how, like sometimes my original intentions come through and often something entirely different comes out

That guitar sounds classical along with the bass accompaniment, almost a fugue style. Then it takes on a Caribbean feel. The beats do give the whole thing a club/hip-hop feel... What a joy hearing infinite possibilities this Steem Music Alliance comes up with, even when bound by a unifying theme!

Thanks that means a lot to me kept going to it figuring how i would finish off the beat. Then i put a bit of club beat to it

Beats are something the power of which cannot be underestimated. The jokes about drummers being those who like to hang out with musicians is entirely a misrepresentation. It's really a specialty in itself. I often find myself working hard at finding something new for me and new or well done for an audience who might already be familiar with something I'm working towards, when it comes to beats ...

Yeah it is a soecialty within its self. Get sone collaborationers together and they can make beats constantly everyone has a different way of making sounds which is interesting

Don't you just love witnessing the unexpected when collaborating! I certainly do, and look forward to some of that again in the future ...

Me too man no I in team different minds make different things that go bettet

mm yeah, when consciousness of the group becomes one, entrained on the beat, a group peak experience, yeah to live that again, and again...

Its a beautiful thing which shows how people will think dofferently when it comes to music

Whattttttt yesssssssssss.

Definitely got that tropical feeling from this beat with all the sounds and instruments (that guitar thoughhh yessss) you integrate.

Love that at 1:01 that Carribean feel yessss.

What a take on the theme and you combine that hip-hop with the tropical music so well. This is so ideal to play on the beach to get the crowd into the mood for that party music. Full Moon parties on the beach would absolutely love this.

Man you got some serious talent. Much appreciation for taking the time and energy to create this.

And love that motto of yours "making beats for the greater good."

Always tryna make beats for the greater good man thanks a lot dude glad you loved the guitar too does strike a vibe

Ayyyy thats epics to hear the world needs more souls like you.

And you're very welcome what a beattttttttt.

Thanks G im ready for the next competition