In sight (Original song by @philodendron)

in #dsound2 years ago

This song is, let us say, an ode to what is.

The mind constructs our reality...
And it tends to perceive all that is lacking,
Elements that need improving...

Yet a moment of delight can be found right in front of us, at any time.
In plain sight is an intricate creation unfolding,
In sight, all life becomes a complex art in motion.

A part of this magic,
Wild flowers we are,
take a moment to bask in the sun, to absorb who you are.

Much love xxx

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It is very nice of you @paulag But the most important question to be answered here on this post is:
Did you like the song?

yes I did like it, its very relaxing :-)

Bien content de te savoir toujours actif :)

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Salut @nicobeaulieuqc , on espère que tu va bien! Oui toujours en vie ;)

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check your mentions philodendron. There may be an initiative you may be interested in joining.

Yes just saw that! Will tcheck it out and get back to you on the weekend :)