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Are you familiar with SoundCloud? Familiar with hosting Podcasts? DSound.Audio is an awesome app built upon the Steem Blockchain, that is just like SoundCloud but it is decentralized and creators can earn STEEM from up votes on their content.

DSound is the brain child of Pedro @prc and the project has received funding from Steemit Inc by way of delegated power from @misterdelegation.

The aim of this analysis is to monitor the monthly activity from @dsound  in terms of voting. It is also to analyse posts made via the DSound app and posts made to the DSound category on the STEEM Blockchain

This analysis will be carried out on a monthly basis so that trends can be established and growth measured.

The Data

The data from the blockchain is limited. When it comes to sharing audio for creators, metrics such as play duration and number of listeners are of critical importance if you are trying to grow your channel. However this data is not collected on the blockchain and not part of this analysis

Using PowerBI, I have connected to the SteemSQL database (paid subscription service held and managed by @arcange). You can find full details of the query used at the bottom of the article

The Analysis

March @dsound Votes Analysis


In March 2018 DSound voted 2323 times for 249 Authors. The average vote payout was SBD $14 and the total approx. payout given by DSound was SBD $32.59K We can also see from above that the average % voting weight used by @dsound was 12.01% and the average number of votes given per day was 74.9.

In Feb 2018 DSound voted 532 times for 2733 Authors. The average vote payout was SBD $21 and the total approx. payout given by DSound was SBD $56.82K.  The average voting weight use in Feb was 9.38% and the average number of votes given per day was 97.5. 

March Voting Time Series


Popular Steemains in terms of Upvotes from @DSound


DSound Tag Post Analysis


In March 9.9K posts were made by 2175 authors receiving 26K comments and 224K votes. The payout value of this posts is SBD $43.29K.

This is down from 13K posts made in February by 3054 authors.

The average post payout in March for #dsound posts was $4.35 – this is higher than the overall post payout average on the Steemit blockchain

We see above that DSound have given out approx. SBD $32.59. That equates to 72.5% of the total rewards for this category/tag/app

These 9.9K posts received 26K comments from 4826 authors. The comments received 9220K votes and received rewards of SBD $598.72

We can see from the number of posts per day by date that over the month the trend was down.

Audio Creators

Below shows which accounts have posted the most to DSound in the month of March


And the list below shows those that engage with the posts via comments



DSound is an awesome project, receiving 9.9K posts in the month of March and voting for 2,323 of them. This means that almost 1 in 5 posts made will be voted on by @dsound. @dsound voted on average 73 times a day in March. 

In terms of activity, DSound received less posts in March, in fact March was down 23% on February and March was also a longer month.

72.5% of the payout in this category comes from @dsound and for to be self-sufficient this should really be lower. This has decreased from 76% in February so this is going in the right direction.

Do you have any questions or queries on the data above? If so, please do leave a comment below.

The SQL Queries

The SQL query used to collect data for votes made by @dsound was:



 WHERE [voter] in ('dsound')

  AND CONVERT(DATE,timestamp) BETWEEN '2018-02-01' AND '2018-02-28'

The query used to collect data for posts made to the category/tag Dsound on steemit was:












FROM comments (NOLOCK)

where CONVERT(DATE,created) BETWEEN '2018-03-01' AND '2018-03-31'

and contains (json_metadata, 'dsound')

The Current vote worth for Dsound has been taken from at 6st April 2018.

I am part of a Blockchain Business Intelligence community. We all post under the tag #BlockchainBI. If you have an analysis you would like carried out on Steemit or Blockchain data, please do contact me or any of the#BlockchainBI team and we will do our best to help you...

You can find #BlockchainBI on discord

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Hi paulag it's me Carl, I would like to thank you for letting me using your data from the article to write my own post.


you are most welcome

Great! First exposure to dsound :) joined the discord. Finally a member :) God Day @paulag

Thanks for the information @paulag.
I think that maybe in a few months we have more people using dsound. I already started my podcast show, and have a few friends listening, so maybe on a short future the dsound could be self-sufficient.


Becoming self sufficent will take time, its good tgey have the support to get there

Very good details on Dsound analysis. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Paula, thanks, DSound is really a great initiative. I don't seem able to login though. The "Login" button remains disabled even if I enter my user and passcode. Do you know who can help with this? Thanks!