Raw Jam 3 - Jan 2017

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Another raw and unfiltered recording, these are ideas that don't end up making it past the "It's a Song" stage.

Basically, when I have an idea, say - a group of chords I like, a little riff etc - I play it, write a quick backing then solo over it for a while - that's what these recordings are.
The hope is that something will come out of it but it often takes a lot more work from here and time is at a premium when you have kids and stuff.

There are some nice bits in this - I especially like how the dynamics worked out, some clanger notes but.. hey, hope someone enjoys it.



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i really love music

Rock and roll to the world \m/

This one set's up a very chill mood. Keep it up

I love music and this instrumental is so magical @outoftune ..

  ·  last year (edited)

Nice one @outoftune, but u can just creat time to work on it and make it more beautiful.but better still you have done a great job


The sad thing is I used to have all the time in the world but was so disillusioned with my music I spent very little time on it.

Keep up the sweet sweet jams! We need more content like this on steemit, nothing like some raw guitar sounds

I like your vision and aspiration. Keep it up,&I need to listen to some if u don't mimd

Great music , but a little more bass may make it full Rock.

Guru - Who You Stealin' From (Vinyl, 12'' 1984)(Partytime Records)(Flac)

All I can say is,
Your music is amazing!! I will be #following to see what amazing music is to come.

#subscribe to my DTube Channel: kendradickens

Good post

@outoftune I got an idea, would you or anyone be interested in building a song? How it would work is somone starts it with a drum loop via Logic puts a guitar part down , then the next person downloads it and adds to it. See how far we get.


Yeah man, you start, I will add - then we'll hassle @dreamrafa until he joins in haha


Ok cool. Any style request?


nope, you choose.

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