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Good morning (it's 10 AM here)

This weekend I figured we could all do with a guitar community jam.

I made this track a while ago, it's pretty straightforward and nice to play over.

Record yourself playing along with the track on VIDEO and upload it on Dtube, tag it: #guitar-trail. Please also post a link to it in the comments below.

I will choose my personal favourite and award 5 Steem (small but not insignificant) to the winner.

Criteria: Me liking it, could be because shred, could be because melodic, could be because facial contortions :D Also - Dtube must be used for upload.

That's it, have a crack guys and I will decide the winner this Sunday night (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Update: Contest won by.. the only entrant @ale-tripoli grats man.

I wish I could play guitar 🎸 when see people play I envy them come teach me..... Nice 1 dere is that a lead guitar?

Never too late to take up any instrument, Just go for it!

Really? I shuld see about that I don't know how to play any instrument but I could do sound setup mixers and all

I will have to go learn one instrument too.

I'm a bassplayer myself, but the tune gives perspective for a nice bass-improvisation. Just have to check how I can record it and I sure will give it a try :)

Just use your phone, production quality isn't a big deal in this instance.

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To participate, do I have to jam through the whole 5:04 minutes?

Nah, play what works for you, if you can say it all in 1 minute that is fine.

Ok bro thanks, I'm in!

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