Fear and Roaming

in #dsound4 years ago (edited)

Another one from the vaults.

This tune was a fluke really - I wandered into the local music store (Wards Music in Whangarei, New Zealand) and they had this horrible bass there - the neck was too short and the scale length was way off. I offered them $10 took it home and ripped the frets out. I then somehow got this disgusting sound with some early VST.. I don't even know what it was - Guitar RIg, Green Machine? Amplitube? not sure. The drums are from Groove Agent again - they have a fair amount of work in them and I got carried away in some parts where they sort of drift off.

So, there's the lesson - every instrument has something to give, a song that hasn't been played so to speak. Look beyond what is, and see what could be.



► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


Man, I wish I knew what plugin I used, those harmonics just sound epic.

Yes, you are certainly right. There isn´t anything like a bad instrument. Some instruments need just a bit more of attention to be paid to them. I´ve made good sound even from cooking grates. Have a nice day! Rolf

Wow..Fantastic intrumental. Really. I never hear like this before

What a good sound, I really love it

What a great mind to arrange suuch a thing.

Nice player can i try that :)....


Music is the best that can exist, thank you for sharing your work with us, greetings from Venezuela.

I can't even imagine someone in Venezuela listening to my music haha, very cool and thank you.

Amazing sound, congratz

wow. such a beautiful sound.thank you for sharing. people will be like it.go ahead

Thank you :)

Sound pressure and quality is very nice

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I get a sin city vibe from that sound. I didn't even know there was dsound so I am learning all the time about this block chain.

Dsound > Soundcloud, Dlive > Twitch, Dtube > Youtube, DMania MEMES!, I think eventually this is how it will end up. When we use or post our works on those other providers the only ones being rewarded for it are the providers (unless you have thousands of subscribers). This is the future but I do wonder what will happen when someone with massive exposure lands here, like Pewdiepie etc - we will have to wait and see. Thanks for listening btw - :D

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