[Liquid Drum & Bass] Nicky Havey - 3 Peaks | Mini Music Update

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Told you I'd be back to uploading Drum & Bass tracks again didn't I ;)

I've been in a long process of updating some of the nitty gritty stuff on my website and it feels like it's been a mountain or 3 to overcome but I've got there! Speaking of 3 mountains, it seemed appropriate to upload 3 Peaks to you tonight heyooooo!

The full in depth analysis of how that challenge went as we hiked up and down the 3 tallest peaks in the UK in under 24 hours can be found here - strap yourselves in, it's a biggie! However, the challenge was absolutely worth it, mainly for bragging rights but pushing yourself to a limit and knowing you can do anything you set your mind to!

Enjoy my friends, enjoy!


P.S. if you really like it, it's available for steem here

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Electronic Music Alliance (EMA)

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