Bach-Boysen, Markuspassion II-01

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This aria for Tenor and orchestra from the Boysen completion of the Markus Passion by Bach is a moment of loneliness and abandonment. It features a beautiful interplay between the flute and oboe d'amore, meanwhile you can hear the two gambas in the background with their plaintive sounds enhancing the atmosphere of aloneness, whilst heralding a sense of unease.

The performers are Musica Poetica (@musicapoetica) and Cantus Thuringia under the direction of Jorn Boysen. The concert was recorded live and unedited in Den Haag in 2016, on period instruments at 415Hz.

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Music from BWV 198

> Mein Tröster ist nicht mehr bei mir,
mein Jesu, soll ich dich verlieren,
und zum Verderben sehen führen?
Das kömmt der Seele schmerzlich für.
Der Unschuld, welche nichts verbrochen,
Dem Lamm, das ohne Missetat
Wird in dem ungerechten Rat
Ein Todesurteil zugesprochen.

English Translation

> My consoler is no longer with me,
My Jesus, shall I abandon you,
and see you led away to destruction?
This is painful for my soul.
Upon innocence, which committed no crime,
On the Lamb, without sin,
in an unjust council
an death sentence will be pronounced.

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