Lights - Original Music For @dsound by @mrbloom

in dsound •  9 months ago

This shot was taken by me at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire -

Lights' is track 4 from the 'Never grow Old' EP

The story behind this song...
I was feeling pretty low a few years ago and wrote so many songs as a way of escaping from myself. I never thought of myself as a very good lyricist, but after reading back what I had written in 10 minutes (along with the music) I took a step back and realised, these were from the very depths of my heart and soul. Hurt and heartache drove these feelings and story behind the song. I still revisit this particular track of mine and try to somehow analyse the meaning behind it! Do I need to? Maybe and maybe not. It's also filled with a sense of hope, endeavour and resilience relating to past relationships and events.
I hope you find some comfort or inspiration from 'Lights' and to go and pen your own song, poem or story.
Music heals the soul and I can't tell you how I feel, but I can find a song that can....


Say something to me
Just say it like you mean it
It meant so much you see
I'm constantly achieving

Comments abound
Won't stop believing
The voice and sounds
Are truths in hearing

The time we spent and I'd relent
Gathered back all is lost
Covered feelings
When I see those lights
In your eyes
Those lights
In your eyes
In your eyes.

Thanks for your ongoing support for me and my music! It really does mean the world.

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hermosa fotografía que has tomado, felicidades! Es un lugar deslumbrantemente hermoso. Donde queda ese lugar?


Es un lugar llamado Flamborough Head, que se encuentra en la costa este de Inglaterra.
¿Escuchaste la canción?
¡Muchas gracias por visitar mi blog!
Que tengas una buena semana.
Utilicé Google translate para comunicarme con usted.


jajaja yo también lo eh usado para leer tu post! y si, yo escuche la canción, fue muy relajante y esta muy acorde con el lugar.

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Very nice playing and singing. I really like your voice - it has plenty of character and, yeah, this track gives hope and is very touching... and I say it like I mean it ;) Keep it up, I'm already a fan :)


Hey thanks for listening mate?
I really appreciate your feedback, comment and vote!

I like the overall sound of that track! The vocals came out really well.

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I really enjoyed it, @mrbloom! You rock :)


Thanks Vera!! you're very kind!

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