Mindseye - Hazy Breeze [Experimental Electronica, Chillhop]

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Hey all!

I've slowed my Steemit activity down a little because I'm working on some new tracks that I'll be releasing soon. 'Summer Breeze' will be one of these tracks. I'm planning to combine it with one or two 'distorted' (as in 'slightly-strange-sounding') versions of the original track. Here I'm sharing with you one of these 'experimental' tracks, called 'Hazy Breeze'. I suppose it's mainly influenced by Jon Hopkins' latest album, especially his track Emerald Rush.


► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

I hope you guys enjoy the track! It will appear on streaming services, along with 'Summer Breeze', in the next few weeks!




Sometimes the creative process comes before everything else. Digging these tunes. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

Very true...thanks for the positivity!

Oooooooo I like it dude! This is my kind of vibe. Kick comes in at a nice time and a real nice pace. Keep it up!

Thanks man that's great to hear! The official release should be in abut 10 days... So do keep an eye out!

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