AMBIENCE: Relaxation and Meditation I Mindseye - Waves I

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Hello all! This is my entry for the first edition of the great new music contest/experience AMBIENCE.

I feel like my track 'Waves' fits best into the 'Relaxation and Meditation' category of this contest. It is a chill downtempo track with melodies and sounds that represent the patterns of small waves gently breaking on the beach; a natural phenomenon that always relaxes and recharges me personally.


► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Listen on IndieSound

I hope you guys enjoy the track!
Many thanks to @soundbath, as well as @chiefmappster and @prc for making this new contest happen!




One can't ever have enough waves in their lives... can we? :-)
Great sound as usual!

Wise words...I very much agree :) Thank you for the resteem Marly!

Great tune man! Not sure if you are much of a gamer but an upcoming sequel to a game I absolutely love [Beyond Good & Evil] is looking for people to submit music to be used in their game. They are using the website HITRECORD to do it and I think this would fit perfectly with their "Devotional Music" section as they are looking for "Indian instrumentation and Hindu chants (Kirtan) and mantras, to futuristic, electronic or rhythmic beats" most of which I think you have in this song! I am going to be submitting a few songs to it myself but I figured I would put you up onto it since this fits so well! Here's the link to it:

Thanks! I would be a gamer if I had the time ;p Thanks so much for the heads up about that website though! Would be awesome to have some of my music on a game like that, so I'll definitely submit some music as well. Good luck with your submissions!
How'd you find out about this by the way??

No worries man!
I found out as I was on their e-mail list for game updates. I am super pumped about the sequel haha.

Cool! Yeah it looks very exciting! And actually that Hitrecord website is quite interesting by itself as well. There are some more interesting music-related challenges on there it seems.

Yeah, it totally is! I only had a quick look as I have been super busy the past couple of weeks but I think I am going to find a lot of cool projects to submit to through it!

Yeah there are quite a few interesting ones. I already submitted to a few; let's see if anything comes of it. Great to have found the website though!

That's dope I hope something comes of it for you because you deserve it. I am always very impressed by how you take inspiration from other music and flip it into something completely original and pleasing to the ears!

Thanks, but so do you! I do really enjoy turning song and/or melodies that catch my ear into something completely new. I still have a long list of songs I'd like to sample and play around with. The only downside of course is that 'officially' releasing such tracks is tricky because of copyright issues...

Sounds so it

Great to hear...that's what I was going for.. :)

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