Mindseye - Yellow Taxi under a Blue Sky [Beat Battle League S2:R12 I Ray of Sunshine]

in #dsound3 years ago (edited)

Hey all! Behold my entry for the Beat Battle League S2:R12 I Ray of Sunshine.

This track is partially based on a sample from the song 'Yellow Taxi' (hence the title) by singer/songwriter Matt Costa. That particular melody always put me in a sunny mood, so I decided to incorporate into a track of my own. The drums I used are loosely based on the work of electronic music duo Röyksopp. The resulting track is meant to be both positive and uplifting, so I hope it puts you all in a joyful mood!


► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Listen on IndieSound

I hope you guys enjoy the track!
Many thanks to the host and the judges, @chiefmappster, @beatseb, @inthenow and @derekmiller!




Yes, defo Rays of Sunshine!!

Glad you agree! :)

I was instantly getting some Third Eye Blind vibes for some reason. Definitely a great fit for the theme. Really digging this one!!!

Thanks!! Third Eye Blind though, that's kind of unexpected?? I wonder why??

The intro reminds me of "Fly" haha so I meant to say Sugar Ray, not Third Eye Blind! 😂

Haha that makes more sense! In fact, that almost makes me want to try to create a track based on that 'Fly' intro...hmmmmm....

Yes! Please do! haha

Adding it to my tracks-to-do list ;)

Ayyyy yessss what an uptempo, full of sunshine beat.

Love how you set that sunshine/summertime tone with the sounds in the first 0:45 (that wave crashing though o weee) and then you hut us with that uptempo sound so incredible.

So amazing the pitches changes in the entry as well. And that sound you bring in around 1:30 so dope. You definitely bring it all together to create a beat that shines bright.

Appreciate you sharing this beat to uplift our spirits.

Thanks dude, much appreciated! Hope it brought the sun out for you! Here it's pissing with rain...seems like I may have shared too much of my sunshine with the rest of the world ;p

Ayyyyy we thank you for that ;)

Hope all is well. Sent you some SMOKE. Enjoy bud.

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