MindsEye - Appel in de lunchbox (experimental hip-hop)

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Hey guys,
A long, long time ago, I installed FL Studio on my laptop for the very first time. I was hooked right away. I had no idea how to create tracks yet, but experimenting with everything this amazing piece of software had to offer was heaps of fun! The track I'm sharing with you today was one of my first ever tries at using vocal samples.


The vocals that I sampled are part of the track 'My Level' by Dutch rapper Rico and producer Kubus. As you may have gathered, they simply say Apple in the lunchbox, which is a very random sentence that somehow got stuck in my head. Hence to me, it was a logical choice for a vocal sample :)

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

I hope you guys enjoy the track :)




Well I am going to have "apple in the lunch box" stuck in my head all day! :P It's fun to play around with vocal effects for sure. I bet you have come a long way since this one!

Haha, then I consider that mission accomplished! ;) It sure is a lot of fun, I can get totally lost in playing with vocal samples. I have indeed improved my skills a bit since then :)

Keep on making the tunes 💯🔥🤘

Great soundtrack.. can you make something more accustic??

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