Mindseye & Dr. Rinkel - Stellar (edit) [Steemit Music League Challenge S2:R11: Greatest Hits]

in #dsound3 years ago (edited)

Hello all! This is my entry for the Steemit Music League Challenge | S2:R11: Greatest Hits.

It's not easy to find one's 'Greatest Hit'. Does one determine this by the amount of plays on streaming services? The amount of likes on websites? The amount of positive feedback generally? I could pick a number of tracks for this SML Challenge round, but I've decided to go with 'Stellar'. In this case the instrumental version of this collaborative track - which has been officially released - with fellow producer Dr. Rinkel (there is also a version that includes movie samples; scroll down in my Steemit feed to find it, or try SoundCloud!). This track is one of my/our most-played tracks, and arguably my most popular/well-known track in general. It especially is popular on YouTube, as in...lots of people use it as a soundtrack to their YouTube videos.


For this special round of the SML Challenge, I have reworked the track somewhat by adding an uptempo section. In my opinion, that works quite well...it might even be an idea to create a full up-tempo version. But I'll let you all be the judge of that!
► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Listen on IndieSound

I hope you guys enjoy the track!

Many thanks to the host & the judges, @chiefmappster, @beatseb, and @derekmiller




Ayyy yessssssssss love hearing this @mindseye-music classic hit right here.

Absolutely enjoy the relaxing and out of this world mood you create.

Love that sound you bring in around 1:07 and at 1:54 o weeee.

And that uptempo segment around 3:11 love that addition to the track.

Appreciate you sharing this classic @mindseye-music with the community as your Greatest Hit.

Thanks man! Great to hear you appreciate the track and especially the uptempo part. Kind of puts the whole track in a different light, I feel. Still contemplating creating a whole uptempo version...

Nice chilling atmosphere :) - I'm glad I could hear it on IndieSound since Dsound did not play it. Great work! ...Cheers :)

Thanks! :) Yeah that's why I added the IndieSound link, DSound doesn't always work. Great to hear you enjoy the track!

Stellar, like interstellar? Because this is some bring you to another dimension type music! haha
I really enjoyed how chill it was and how it picks up at 3:10 with the drums.

Oh yes, it was very much inspired by Interstellar! There's a version of this track that includes Interstellar quotes/movie vocal samples. Have a look on my SoundCloud page if you're interested(http://soundcloud.com/mindseye4) ;) Great to hear you felt the space vibes :)

No way! Right off the bat it has you gripped with that vocal sample.
After I finished listening to it, it rolled into "Dream". You really have a lock on trippy/atmospheric beats.
"Dream" had my head nodding the whole way through. Love how you chopped up the different instruments on it. Also the drums have a crazy swing to them!

Hehe awesome! Yeah 'Dream' is my latest official release, even though I've been working on it for a while already and a few different versions are floating around. I really enjoy chopping up/sampling different instruments and trying to somehow combine them to create something completely new. It's time-consuming work but it's worth it. Awesome to hear you dig the tracks :)

Thank you for add the youtube Link! im seeing all the entries but only i can hear this and two or three more, chilling music, cheers!

Great to hear you like it! And that you can actually listen to it, that helps as well :)

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