Mindseye - This style is not free [Hip-Hop/Dub/Electronic]

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Hey all!
Here's another somewhat experimental track I created quite a few years ago. This one is based on a vocal sample taken from a song by Roots Manuva, who still one of my favorite hip-hop artists from the UK.


Besides the Roots Manuva vocals I also sampled some instruments, this time from a different hip-hop artist. The track I'm referring to here is The Ghetto by One Be Lo. I sampled the string section used in this track and pitched it down for my own track. Some of the drums I used also originate here. As you can hear below, the result is a dub-influenced hip-hop instrumental with a bit of a glitch-hop dressing.


► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

Listen on SoundCloud

I hope you guys enjoy the track! Feedback is always welcome :)




This sounds like some 90's Electronic meets 90's Hip Hop with a sprinkle of Reggae. As a huge fan of of both Hip Hop and Electronic in the 90's I am really digging it!

Thanks @yamaagni that's great to hear! Yeah the track includes a bit of all of those genres, it's hard to put a label on it I suppose! I'm also a 90s hip-hop and electronica fan, good to see there are more of us out there!

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