Mindseye - Hang Ten (The Ocean) [Steemit Music League Challenge | S2:R10: Music of Summer]

in #dsound3 years ago (edited)

Hello all! This is my entry for the Steemit Music League Challenge | S2:R10: Music of Summer.

The inspiration for this track comes from spending warm summer days outside enjoying the waves in various places around the world. Recently, my most-visited spot has been the beachside surfing town of Raglan in New Zealand, about a 40min drive from my home. I love spending time here in summer, and the waves at times are nothing short of amazing! This track samples the Hang Drum and includes a vocal sample I once found on YouTube of a fellow scientist and part-time surfer.


► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Listen on IndieSound

I hope you guys enjoy the track! May it bring you sunshine and summer vibes!

Many thanks to the host & the judges, @chiefmappster, @beatseb, and @derekmiller




Wow what a SUMMER vibe you create with this one.

Love those oceans waves and that vocal snippet in the beginning to set that summer vibe right away. And that bass and kicks come in so STRONG love that.

O wee love what you do around 1:26 what an unique sound and vibe you create with that. Very soundscape-esque.

Really enjoyed how peaceful and serene I feel during and after listening to this. You definitely raised my vibrations with this one o myyyy.

And what amazing cover art; you always deliver in that regard.

Much appreciation for the time and effort you put into creating this entry o weeee.

Thanks man! It all kind of started with that vocal sample I found. I'm really feeling what the guy talks about, living near the ocean, surfing, etc... so I wanted to use it in a song. Then once I started playing around with the hang drum samples I knew they would work well together. The rest just followed naturally...the chill summer vibe is definitely what I was going for.
And yeah, I always take a bit of time to create cover art that fits to the track. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all!

Ayy you aren't kidding me. A good cover image can help set that anchor for people for the theme and message of a track. And you do it so well. It's absolutely incredible.

And heck yeah love hearing that progression. It has such a chill summer vibe. Excited to keep playing it during summer time over here.

Cheers man, much appreciated! We really need to get these songs on playlists somewhere...

For reallllll. Was doing it the first season, but time is crunched this season so I stopped doing it.

Would definitely be amazing to have.

Where were you creating the playlists? On Steemit? Or SoundCloud/Spotify/etc?

SoundCloud like this one for example:

Ahh yeah I see...I'd offer to create some new playlists but I'm not sure I'd have the time either!

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