MindsEye - Mr. Nothing [Electronic]

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Hey all!
Here's another pretty experimental track I created quite a few years ago. This one is based on a sample from a song that features in the Johnny Depp-starring movie Blow, released back in 2001.


The sampled song is Push & Pull by Nikka Costa. After watching the movie for the first time, I kind of fell in love with this song and with Nikka's voice. So, when I was experimenting with using samples in FL Studio quite a few years later, I decided to sample Nikka's voice and use it as the basis for this track.



I hope you guys enjoy the track!

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That's a pretty cool one!
Parts of it reminded me of Action SciFi movie scenes. Who knows, maybe we'll watch the next Matrix and suddenly hear your beats in the back...:-)

Thanks Marly! Haha, now that would be a dream come true :) Would be really cool to have one of my tracks featured on a proper movie or series. I mean, they're used quite a lot on YouTube videos already. But of course an actual cinema movie would be a totally different ballgame!

Nice beat sounds pretty hip

Thanks! I think that's the first time my music's been described as 'hip' ;p

It sounds like rap a bit more it would be hot for a rapper to get on the Mic with it

Nice work Mindseye, thank you so much for sharing :)

Thanks @drakernoise! Always happy to share more of my work here...

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