Mindseye - Summer Breeze [Beat Battle League S2:R9 I Sounds of Summer]

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Hello all! Behold my entry for the Beat Battle League S2:R9 I Sounds of Summer.

This track is meant to stir up memories of those warm breezes on those long summer days and nights. For me the summer has just ended, but for many of you it's probably just about to start! So I hope this track helps you all to get in the summer mood...

A slightly different, remastered version of this track will most likely be part of an EP I'm planning to release in the next few months, so if you dig it...stay tuned! :)


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I hope you guys enjoy the track!
Many thanks to the host and the judges, @chiefmappster, @beatseb, and @derekmiller!




You channeled th mellowness of a summer's day perfectly dude. Congratulations for the track, it's one of my favorite ones you have done so far

Thanks man that means a lot! I did feel like I managed to catch the vibe I was going for with this track really well...it's great to hear I'm not the only one who feels that way!

I think it's a winner <3

Let's see if the wise jury agrees! ;)

This is epic, Peter!
100% summer feelings, so cool. I'll definitely include it in my Bali playlist :-)

Loved & resteemed

Thanks Marly, that means a lot! :) I kind of thought you might like it ;) Do share with us what else you're putting on that playlist!

That's actually a nice idea! I could publish my playlist in one of my next blogs. Thanks for the inspiration :-))

Yes definitely you should! I actually have a Bali-inspired playlist on Spotify myself. I wonder yours will include some of the same tracks...

I felt summer With all of my heart, thanks alot

Then my mission is accomplished :)

Love your sound. I'll be looking out for the EP. Great work! :)

simultaneously chill and upbeat at the same time, love it.

Thanks for the kind words! :) I hope I manage to find some time soon to finish the tracks and release the EP. Will be a similar vibe, so yes do stay tuned! I'll make sure to check out your work as well...

Ayyyyy yessssss what an amazing summer vibe you create with this one.

Love that synth you use in the beginning and in combination with those other sounds you choose creates such an uplifting mood.

And that sound you bring in around 1:13 what a summer soundscape-esque element that adds.

Woahhh that sound you bring in around 2:05 and 2:36 yessss love that.

You most definitely channel and create a summer mood with this one. Much appreciation for sharing this amazing creation with the community to get us in that summer mood.

Thanks my man! Great to hear you appreciate the track and agree that it sounds like summer! I put in quite a lot of effort to get the right vibe in the track...should be bringing the sun out anytime anywhere :)

Ayyyy you get definitely hear that passion , talent, and hard work in it. It screams that summertime. Put it on and the sun comes out :)

I appreciate the opportunity to listen to your music. Props again for creating such a summery hit.

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Nice I love the melodies and the Asian type of vibe that comes with it

Cheers! I suppose it does have a bit of an 'Asian' vibe to it, even though that wasn't really intentional...

Went very well with the song too most definitely