Element (choral edit)

in dsound •  6 months ago

This edit, taken from the track: "There is a element of chance or uncertainty" may very well be my favorite thing I've done (so far) It is a five part vocal arrangement sung preformed by yours truly. I you didn't listen to the full track you may want to hear this, Thanks for listening.
► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)
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Sounds really great man! Let jam soon :-)


Thank you sir. Yes please!

Cool stuff, wish I could listen to more but DSound refuses to work for me for most tracks.

Also about those conversations with your wife, I hope that's not alexa recordings it just decided to upload like in those news stories lol


Haha, naw, the ideas behind the songs i share many times are inspired by our conversations. As far as dsound I have had some trouble listening as well, I often times go to the source page or just download the whole track altogether. Thanks for listening.


Nice, and yeah source is still too necessary for IPFS to break through, we need filecoin to come out already.

Simply amazing. Thanks for the great work @midnight-snack!!


Well shucks, Thank you.

Was enjoying that. Is there a full track available?