KARAOKE MP3 || Mix de "Sin Banderas": KILÓMETROS, ENTRA EN MI VIDA, y QUE LLORO – For Contest

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Instrumental track. Easy to download, special for contests.


  • KARAOKE MP3 || SUEÑOS ROTOS - La Quinta Estación (For Contest) dsound.audio/#!/@maxipiano/20180905t233252826z-karaoke-mp3--sueos-rotos-la-quinta-estacin-for-contest
  • KARAOKE MP3 || TODAVÍA - Tamara (For Contest) dsound.audio/#!/@maxipiano/20180903t234113587z-karaoke-mp3--todava-tamara-for-contest
  • KARAOKE TRACK || EQUIVOCADA by Thalia (mp3 Version) ACOUSTIC PIANO dsound.audio/#!/@maxipiano/20180823t225719633z-karaoke-track--equivocada-by-thalia-mp3-version-acoustic-piano
  • KARAOKE MP3 || HEREO by Mariah Carey (For Contests) dsound.audio/#!/@maxipiano/20180829t152337862z-karaoke-mp3--hereo-by-mariah-carey-for-contests
  • KARAOKE TRACK || CÓMO FUE - Bolero Clásico (mp3 Version) dsound.audio/#!/@maxipiano/20180831t234610325z-karaoke-track--cmo-fue-bolero-clsico-mp3-version
  • KARAOKE MP3 || ME CUESTA TANTO OLVIDARTE (Mecano) - For Contest dsound.audio/#!/@maxipiano/20180906t200753192z-karaoke-mp3--me-cuesta-tanto-olvidarte-mecano-for-contest

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