Steamy Cat - Episode 1: Steam bundle and sales review

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Welcome to Steamy Cat - a weekly podcast about PC game sales and bundles.

Enjoy gaming on a budget!


Ouroboros Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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lovely post @matthuselah

Do you know how fast this post is going?

I am gonna have to see some identification and registration...

Afk farming? Is that like using bots is legit or how does it actually work.

Hi - thanks for the comment.
AFK farming in BDO is made legit in the way that you can control nodes and equip "employees" to work on them while you are away (and while their food last).

The real novel AFK farming is that can take your dude to the seaside and leave him fishing. Then you can minimize the game, go play something else, go to work,etc. and when you get back you will have the inventory filled with fish that you can sell for profit.

I believe you can also get your crafting done while AFK. Crafting in this game takes ages, and it is common to just leave the characters crafting overnight and repeating recipes.

You used to also be able to set pathways for your character to walk repeatedly, and you could level stats by leaving the game on and your character walking between several waypoints. This was available in the korean version of the game, but when I played it, it still wasn't implemented in the western release. Things might have changed since then.

These are the legal ways to do it. You might also be able to bot it illegally - but they are known to use the banhammer every so often.

haha its very funy you Cat..! I like your post

Good post you got there.

Geat post, i like the cat jaja, i like soo much the game, see me post me friend

Funny looking cat you have got there.

JAJAJA LOL good post! i m going to resteem it!

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