#MoJamMondays 41 Curtis Seals!, The DGTL, Courtney Weaver & Jisun

in dsound •  18 days ago

The 252nd week of all-improv music jamming at Nectar Lounge Seattle with feature funky keysmaster Curtis Seals! + KZ chats with The DGTL @CatalystLabs2, Courtney Weaver, and Jisun.

#MoJamMondays hosted by Mo' Gilkeson, Davy Nefos, & Karen KZ Zamm is recorded weekly from Nectar Lounge with the event aired live every other week 10-11 pm on Rainier Avenue Radio at www.rainieravenueradio.world or TuneIn.

Connect with other Steemians at the Smart Media Group Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GJbMemA

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