Meditation - Open The Box Podcast #6

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Thank you very much for reading today's Thought For The Day. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I'm eager to hear!

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Meditation is nothing other than rediscovering you and your true self. I have seen this remark by many westerners how meditation is so foreign and eastern concept and how difficult it is to practice. How foreign is rediscovering your true, inner self?

It is the easiest thing to do. All you have to do is sit in a quiet place and observe your thought and/or breath for a while without forcing yourself, without any effort.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a nice day.

@luppers, In my opinion Human Beings are gifted with Free Will and in my opinion our Depreciation and Expansion is in our hand and by that i mean, in silence and meditative phase we will going to know about ourselves in depth and this process is needed to truly understand how much powerful we are, and power is just not about the Physical aspect, also Spiritual Power which in my opinion holds the ingredients of Manifestation. Stay blessed.

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