Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe - composition played Live in Vienna

in dsound •  last year  (edited)

Hi steemians,

Have you ever been to Wien?

You should visit this place where you can listen amazing bands playing live music, expecially jazz/blues/funk ...

Here's a glimpse of one of my composition played with our Tribe at Porgy & Bess Jazz club in Wien during a tour that we had in the Past

Here's a short moment ...

Listen, enjoy, share ... if you feel like

Song composed/arranged by Lucian Nagy

Lucian Nagy - Turkish Ney

Csaba Pusztai - Drums

Johann Berby - Bass

Gabriel Rosati - Trumpet

Sebastian Spanache - Piano

Mixed live & recorded to (2 Track) - Steve Brookfield

Have a great Evening steemians

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► Listen from source (IPFS)

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