In The Earth (I Will Be Free)

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Greetings Dsound!

This track was written and recorded in late 2017 with the help of @dreamrafa who performed a most excellent guitar solo for the song. It was released as the title track for a whole album in April of 2018 on @circleofdeath records.

Also stream on spotify and choon


I'm not trying to out do anyone
I'm just trying to kill the pain
By booze, drugs, some fun and makin a little love
and getting rid of the lie of me
It's draggin me down
This misery
but it's the only friend of me
In the end I'll be in the ground you see
In the earth I will be free
I don't hate myself or my life
I just hate these human ways
Letting go's the only thing misery's telling me to do
I'd like to thank the human race for opening my eyes
and getting rid of this big fat lie

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I understand trying to kill the pain. One day we all will be free. I like the song I can relate to it thank you so much. @lk666

Thank you and you're very welcome. I always thought approaching 50 would be more interesting, but we learn don't we?

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