Forty Eight

in #dsound6 years ago

Greetings all!

This past Sunday was my 48th birthday. So one of the things I did was to come up with something random and call it Forty Eight.


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I would love for you to go and listen to the music of Morktra on Choon and also
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Check out the latest from Circle Of Death Records
and support Steemian Musicians such as @davidfar @thomasrobertgent @rockchickjen @hangrydwarf @kirvic-aguilera and yours truly

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Happy Birthday my friend!
I'm going to follow you on Musicoin and listen to some music.
All the Best!

Thanks buddy and thanks a bunch for the musicoin follow \m/ much <3

Happy Birthday brother! <3 <3 \m/

Thanks brother <3 \m/

Thank you bro!!! <3

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