Future - Mask Off (Linksman Remix)

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Hi Steemians,
Today I give you one of the recent "one hit wonders" of our time, the artist known as Future.
This jam is titled - Mask Off.
Enjoy this remix of the track from me and don't forget to let me know if you are feeling this remix.

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Who is Linksman and what is his name? I like your sense of humor man!

Hi Mosun,
How u dey my sister? Hope all's good with you, work and family? It's nice to hear from you again.
Thanks for your compliment on my sense of humor. I don't see myself as a comedian, but I know I can be funny at times. I guess it's got to be my love for funny cartoons like Tom and Jerry, alot of Looney toons. Truth is I enjoy a lot of comedy, something to make me laff my ass off, even when I am broke as the Nigerian economy lol!!!!.
Having said that, I am a down to earth guy who just wants to live a simple, happy and fun-filled life without any drama.
I am a believer, and love to inspire others to achieve greatness through hardwork and the fear of God.
You can find more about me via this link:
Go over my profile and see my earlier old post to get an idea who I am

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Wow! An epic reply..i like you already

Great one ! Keep it up man !!


Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.
Look out for more cool remixes.

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