Sweet Sensation by Last Ravage Opinion

in dsound •  29 days ago

© Music & Lyrics By Last "Ravage" Opinion

Sometimes life circumstances take you away from home or force you to major changes.
You may have many acquaintances whom you classify as friends and a number of relatives....
Who is there for you when you really need it?


Sweet sensation coming from the isle.
Leaving us no choice but to devide.
Soporific taste of our denial.
Heading for a new start.

Tell me another version of the story
to try and change my mind.

You say that I don't care enough for you.
I say that you don't care for me at all.
You are superlatively crossed with me.
I am definitely done with you.

But you're still here with me
and I am still here for you.

Sweet sensation coming from the isle.
Heading for a new start.

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I love writing songs, composing music and playing as many musical instruments as possible.

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Hey I'm starting the radio now. We will spin your music https://steemit.com/radio/@elderson/kind-radio-blast-begins-now


Thank you ! I've missed it.... I'll try to make it next week.... I've joined your discord in the meantime.... :)

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