ANGEL (Sitting by my side)

in dsound •  last year  (edited)

A reload from my early days here that two souls were kind enough to listen to, shout out to @grizzle and @danieldyemusic. I then dropped it onto musicoin. But this a speical song for me for personal reasons and one that I got some airplay with so in many ways it mean a lot. It is pretty simple (as most of my solo stuff is) but i comes togethet... see what you think and thank you for you kind support here on STEEMIT - It is deeply appreciated.
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great voice


Thank you.

Wow such a magical song. Just beautiful through and through. I wish I had your writing ability. Trying to write my own songs as well. I'm a singer too :)


|Thats kind of you to say, stick with it, it will come.


Thanks, I hope so. I have the lyrically ability of a three year old haha. I have posted an original just recently. Hope you would give it a listen sometime. :)

stunning little tune man , respect


thank you for that.

great emotions over here


Thanks for listening

absolutely beautifull... 👏👍


Hey, Thanks so much.

Love the gentle vocals with the accentuations. Really beautiful track.

Seems to stop at 1:05 though. Is that just for me?

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thank you very much

Very soothing.. Nice lyrics...I suppose Angels are really close by...


Must be tonight, cheers man.

Beautiful track that deserves more listeners.


Thank you, I did a promo on it, as I posted it earlier today and missed the dsound vote :(

as always solid share, solid post! thanks man


Really appreciated, thank you.

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This gave me chills. Your voice is really clear and nice here, can feel the emotion too. The lyrics are great. :)


Thank you, i enjoyed recording this one :)

Nice !