My Original Song - 'Praise Me'

in #dsound5 years ago

Hello Fellow Steemians!

I wrote this song about two years ago with a group of very talented musicians (who later said they were happy for me to do what I wanted with it). It's about someone with a messiah complex who believes he is God despite working in a McDonald's in Glasgow. Although that sounds quite silly (and it is a fun song!), it was somewhat inspired by reality. I know people with, on paper, pretty mundane lives who have nurtured serious messiah complexes, feeling guilty at world events because they thought they had caused them, etc. That's a wee bit intense. Oh, well. Hope you enjoy the song. I'm really proud of it. One of the best vocal takes I've ever done (not that that's saying much).

Steem on, ya crazy diamonds!

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Beautiful voice @kiloindigo :)

This is the best song about a Glaswegian fast food worker with a God complex that I have ever heard. Really good stuff seriously

I featured this in a post DSound Gems that I am going to try and make a regular thing

Haha - thanks so much. It's a pretty overdone subject matter, so glad I stood out!

Dude. Nice job! Keep sharing, please! LOVE

Thanks, @araquex! I'll do my best. ;)

@kiloindigo, nice song and sound, it's what sharing. Thanks

It's nice one mate. Cheers!

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