|| Original Recorded Poem: "I Asked for the Westminster Cathedral ||

in dsound •  last year  (edited)

# I Asked for the Westminster Cathedral

I asked for the
Westminster Cathedral
And he said I was to his surprise
Going the Wrong Way;
I would have to turn around
And follow him
Or, if I kept stride
I could let him walk me all the way there/

I said thank you sir
But I’m fine on my own, slow
Please don’t miss your train on account of my confusion
I can see you must go on faster than me
And he said enjoy your stay

So I walked until I was lost again
And I asked again for the Westminster Cathedral,
And he said he could leave his post for a moment
And walk me there,
For it was just around the corner
And I said ah but that’s not it
It’s grand and impressive, but I’m afraid it’s not the
Westminster Cathedral,
The One I am looking for is rather hidden,
Though it is beautiful, even if unfinished
Can you point me to the Victoria Station?
It’s just by there, set back a little
It’s a little timid, you see—
Beautiful but a little unsure of herself in these parts,
He said ah, yes—continue down straight on this street
(Don’t look to the right or to the left)
For 10 or 15 minutes
And you’ll get there just fine,
Even if late and a little out of breath.

And I arrived and it was the Cathedral in all of her revival glory
Like a seedling grown strong from uncertain roots
Settled amidst the Zara and Mark’s & Spencer’s—
With only a little piazza of her own.
And they had us walk up and sign ourselves
While relishing the relic of St. Thomas a’ Beckett
After the procession in Latin
And the Boys’ Choir reviving Palestrina

And I, a weary traveller, was not dressed for it
But was home.


Copyright 2018. Please ask permission before using.

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Ha ha ha... nice fun !!!
At first i listen a keyboard typing sound than no sound... @kayclarity

lol - it's fixed now.

wonderful dtube poetry post. thanks for @kayclarity

Hey, @kayclarity At first i listen a keyboard typing sound than no sound.what that?

Fixed now!

Wonderful poetry....

Very nice poem. Poetry is what I enjoy writing the most, although I'm also into short stories and I'm also writing a novel. Followed & up-voted!