Drives Me Crazy

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This song is kind of weird since I have been writing on a song originally called "Wet". And not wet as in rainy wet, rather only on one leg because one is down under pressure and life sucks so much so even the dogs pee at your legs. When I told the story for the producers they laughed out loud since it is indeed a sad story, but asked me kindly to rewrite it to a more "sell able" story. And out of that the song evolved to a drum'n'bass kind of story about a man that is on the brink to loose it. The original song were more rock oriented and had more punch to it. But I like this versions instrumental parts a lot and a great production from my producers.
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Top track really well produced and a great back story :-)

Great track, love the entrance of the chorus, well done!

I haven't heard it before! but I gave it a chance and its a really good song. Thanks for sharing it!

Thank you for your nice comment :)

Great track, I was listening to it via ACR earlier on too...on choon I think, feels like an early 90s groove to it, vocals are spot on =)

Thanks. Yeah the producers really made me work hard on the vocals back then. Nowadays one can adjust efter but everything is my actual voice.

Wow, I keep discoverin hidden gems on dsound. This is so groovy man! Love your style.

Thanks. I have so much more in this style - but the time is limited to put them out everywhere. Make sure to follow my profile and more music will be uploaded.

its been forver since i came over ot your sounds, many apologies, not enough hours, i should make time, this is beautifully produced and a really fabulous song, top work .