3 UNEXPECTED Things that Changed my Skin (for the better!) | @JustLibby Podcast #045

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I feel so inspired to share my struggles and triumphs with my skin. About 3 years ago my skin completely changed. Before I rarely had breakouts and it tended to be more on the drier side.

However, my hormones went out of wack and it wreaked havoc on my skin. I developed cystic acne and many breakouts. It took my skin sometime and find balance once again.

In this podcast, I'll chat about how I've overcome many of my skin issues and now I'm breakout free!

  1. Using ALL NATURAL products.

No more false marketing of acne creams and cleanser. I switched everything up to 100% natural ingredients.

Right now I use:
LuxeBeauty 4in1 Cleanser
LuxeBeauty Hyaluronic Acid Lotion in Grapefruit
Nonie of Beverly Hills AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) Skin Tonic

  1. Changing to a Vegan Ketogenic Lifestyle
    Seriously, this has been a game changer for me. I've seen a remarkable difference in my skin's appearance since going Keto earlier this month. I retain more moister and no breakouts! It's crazy guys!!

  2. I've stopped touching my skin!
    Easier said then done... I know. I used to wake up every morning and touch my cheeks to make sure I didn't have new blemishes pop up during the night. I'm sure my intentions were good but I creating more of an issue than helping!

Getting aerobic exercise! Lately, I've been doing HIIT workouts, walking on the treadmill and a consistent yoga practice. In order for our body to operate to their fullest potential, we need to get our blood moving and oxygen flowing!

Please let me know if you have any tips for what has helped you overcome acne and/or blemishes! I'd love to know!!

Thanks for listening to this original @dsound podcast! I can't wait to chat with you soon in the next one!

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