Ways I've Become More Productive | @justlibby Podcast #041

in #dsound6 years ago

In the past, I've had spurts of productivity and idleness. After some thought, I realized that happiness is directly tied to my productivity. Recently, I've been feeling a sense of contentment and I know that my lifestyle adjustments have significantly changed my mood.

In this podcast, I chat with @freetousesounds about the what adjustments I've made. Here's the lowdown of what we talk about...

  • getting enough sleep
  • meditation
  • writing in my journal and dream journal
  • setting a timer to take breaks for deep focus work
  • nightly todo lists
  • my dietary changes

Make sure to listen to the original @dsound podcast to get all the details! Thanks for swinging by my blog and I can't wait to chat with you in the next one!

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