Why You Need A Schedule - Level Up Your Blog Podcast 002

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In this weeks' episode of the Level Up Your Blog podcast we dive deep into why having a schedule will only help you grow your blog.

The episode was recorded live on the @minnowsupport's MSP Waves Radio this past Wednesday at 12 am UTC (Tuesday for everyone behind UTC like myself).

The next show will be Wednesday, March 14th at the same time (Tuesday, March 13th for the US). To find what the time is in you zone head over to TimeAndDate.com, that link will show the event page and list the time for all time zones.

The Content

I have this all outlined in great detail in the past titled, "How To Schedule Your Content" and the podcast gets even deeper so make sure to listen.

A schedule is one of the most important aspects to a successful blog on any platform. Whether you blog in a single niche or dabble in a few as I do, you need to have a set schedule for your work. If not, then the people following you for the content you create will not have a clue when to expect a new post. - "How To Schedule Your Content" by J. R.

Single Niche

When scheduling for a single niche there is a lot of room to wiggle. Not only do you have control over the amount of content you put out but you are also in a better place to create a backlog of content. This backlog is great when a day comes where you scheduled to post but life hits and take your time away. - "How To Schedule Your Content" by J. R.

Multiple Niches

Let's say we have three topics we want to write about on our blog. The first is cooking, the second reclaiming old things, and the third gardening. We need to think of what day to write about what topic. It does not matter if we pick reclaiming for Monday, gardening for Wednesday, and cooking for Friday. - "How To Schedule Your Content" by J. R.

The day does not matter, but the consistency does.

► Listen on DSound
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I will try to apply your directions in my blog. Thanks for the information.


You're welcome, if you have any questions please feel free to message me on Discord.

I will check it out thanks brother!!!

Focusing on a single or several niches always keep you on right path.


Exactly! That is what we talked about last week.

Counsel follwed. I agree with you


Great to hear!

I find a schedule invaluable. Morning and evening is when i post.... the backlog comment is dead on. Taking pictures allows me to plan. I wish there was a good place to put drafts, so i could just click post. I guess busy.org does that sorta....


Yes I hear busy has that feature. I just started to get into busy so I have yet to try it.


it's not really clear...if you close the browser it'll move a post to drafts. i wish there was a more formal 'save' button

I totally work better when I have things planned out and scheduled, I do like spur of the moment excitement, but when I need to focus and get things done, plan it out!!!


I agree, having set days for set content helps a ton.

Nice tips for people struggling on steemit! Upvoted :)

Now this is an insightful and great post! I'll definitely consider sticking to these!


Thanks mate!