NEPHELE BATHA (LIVING IN THE DREAMS) Poetry Slam Contest [Week #26] | (An Original Poetry)

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In a lonely facaulty,
where the mind is emperor
dreaming awake,sweet reveries
cooking our own firmament
living lonely in a self concocted trance
in a fantasy away from terrestrial souls
divine nirvana where solo dreams are hatched
to become actualizated unreality

In my state of bliss
Im an arrow that furiously fly
screeching freely
wondering myself young forever
Wandering upon dimensions unknown.
heart trampling in secluded cosmoses
winged like an angel with celestial sceptre
baking my aged body to embrace the sun's regalia

Walking in the cloud,
soaring lonesome on my hubris
a philistine that murders metaphor
lay waste to sonnet of men
for beauty lies in murder of art
away from the vanity of mortality
where the soul threads on the clouds
walking sensually undisturbed

Outlawed etched and clawed out
from a forlorn and mundane society
banal at heart and blind with sight
eulogies and dirge telling gory story
So I embrace my saccharined dreams
where I'm walking in the clouds unchained
in a prefectly prefect flight to tranquility

Written, Spoken & edited

By @Josediccus


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No autointerpretation this time? :)


No not today, this one is a contest my friend

Very thought provoking, It brings some interesting visuals to mind.