Jonjon - I Mag In

in dsound •  last year

I have a soft spot for this one. I was aiming to inject some funky vibes into my drum & bass, some soul too. And yes, I did pitch up that vocal chop.

As usual, I lay a warm, deep bassline underneath the music which i think makes it flow good. In the second drop i added an extra synth pattern, nothing to complex, keep it simple and let the music breath i say.

I added a lot of percussion over the main drum line which adds to the groove.

Pushed out quite a bit of emotion in this track, i was feeling good, and i guess i express e-motion (energy in motion) through the music. Drum & Bass being the perfect genre to move energy out.

Jon :)

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You were selected for my 🎧 DSound TOP5! 🎧 Thank You!

Great music :)!!

Amazing post really nice.....I like it.thx for share😍

A very good track! I like it! :-)

Resteemed :-)



Upload it on soundcloud!! :D


I did once, got rid of my account though.


Oh why?


Was on it for about 7 years, i just got fed up with it, plus their bots didn't like one of my tracks and decided to hide all of my tracks, i think it's because i sampled Sandra Bollock. I also want to move all my music over to blockchain, as streaming on decentralized platforms based on blockchains are going to actually allow artists to earn crypto for their works. Spotify and the like pay peanuts unless you have millions of listeners.

Really nice & smart post....!!...I like it.👌