Permission to Cry and Feel Sad Without Needing an Excuse or a Reason! #192

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Permission to cry and be sad without needing an excuse or a reason #192

We have the freedom today to feel happy, sad, and every other emotion in life today without needing a reason, excuse, or explanation! How many of us realize that especially when it comes to being accountable to that inner critic that demands a reason to feel anything? I hope this post helps because I have struggled a lot in my life with just feeling safe to feel my feelings and not lock up every emotion within what often is a false reason. My hope in sharing this is to help more of us eliminate the annoying questions of "OMG WHAT'S WRONG?" and "Why are you so happy/sad/excited/not numb?" because these are based in fear of being vulnerable and judged. Thank you for reading about day 192 of Happier People Podcast and I hope you enjoy it!

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Permission to cry and be sad without needing an excuse or a reason #192

Just before creating this, I just finished laying down here crying. I had my daughter's blanket over here and I laid down with Eeyore. I just sobbed. I just cried and there was no reason. I was sad and the rest of the world was just fine. No problems or reasons.

Permission to cry and be sad without needing an excuse or a reason #192

I feel different now. I feel much better now, like after you throw up, that feeling of relief. That's how I feel now.

Oh, I felt sad five minutes ago. I can't say that I do feel sad. Now, I feel happy. Now, I feel full of joy. I feel energetic.

So many people ask, "Jerry, how do you have so much energy?"

We have a lot of energy when we allow our dark side to come up and we don't have to explain it. We don't have to sit there and say, "Well this is why I'm sad."

I'm so tired of that.

Whenever we say we are sad, other people will say, "Why? Why are you sad? What's wrong, Jerry? There's nothing in life to be sad about."

You are right, there's nothing in my life to be sad about or about everyone else's lives. What about just my daughter? She's two and a half, and sometimes she just has a breakdown for no obvious reason, and then she feels better right afterwards.

What I've noticed this morning is that I was feeling like I didn't have enough time to film my video course. I didn't have enough time, I hadn't done enough, I couldn't do enough, and then that is awful to feel that way.

Now, a lot of my life I just went around trying to fight that mentally, "Well, I do have enough time. Well, I shouldn't feel like this," and that has this state then of a background of pain. The kind of pain that when someone pulls out in front of you with a car and you blow up at them. That kind of pain when the line is a little bit too long at the grocery store.

You are about ready to just start going crazy and hurting people. The kind of pain that when you have some kind of substance to numb it, you feel so much relief.

There's an easier solution. You just lay down, grab a blanket and cry over it like a baby, and it works. It works so well, I just did it. That's how I know it works, and I feel so much better now. I feel restored to sanity because it feels insane to be sad in heaven.

Permission to cry and be sad without needing an excuse or a reason #192

It feels insane to be all upset, and then need to explain it. You need to look around and say, "Well, this person did this and that's why I'm sad." That makes it worse. I find it makes it worse when I say that I'm sad because of someone else.

I experienced a lot of feelings come up in proximity to something my wife said today. It wasn't because she said that, it was my reaction to it.

It doesn't have anything to do with her, it is how I'm feeling and I have a free pass. I can be sad for no reason at all today and that's freedom. No one needs to give me permission to be sad. I can be sad because I want to be sad, because it's a sunny day outside and I am tired of the sun, or because it's a rainy day, whatever.

I've spent so much time in my life trying not to be sad, and being sad is a normal emotion. It happens on a daily basis. At some point, almost every day there's the need to just cry, to just be sad, and it works so much better when I don't explain why because then my rational mind gets all kicked into gear about what it needs to do, that there's some problem that needs to be fixed.

Permission to cry and be sad without needing an excuse or a reason #192

There's this belief that we need to be happy all the time when everything's not okay.


Because if we are not happy we are sad. Then we will cause trouble and everyone will come for us and they will kill us.

There's something weird like that going on, that we have to present this happy face all the time to people and I refuse to do that.

If I don't feel good, I'm not going to act good in front of you, and if I'm sad I'm going to be sad regardless of who's around.

Now, for some reason, that's hard because what a lot of us don't like about other people being sad is it brings out the sadness we are denying inside of us. I am very comfortable with babies crying around me today because I don't have any latent sadness inside me and the baby crying then is nothing personal.

You see, the baby crying is something personal if you have got a lot of latent sadness in you, "How dare that baby cry?"

It's personal then.

If there's no latent sadness in you, it doesn't bother me to have a baby crying. In fact, I kind of like it. It's an opportunity for me to comfort and be loving, but when a baby's crying and I'm sad too, it's really hard to keep my sadness under wraps.

When a baby's crying and I'm sad I'm grateful like, "Yes. Let's cry together."

Permission to cry and be sad without needing an excuse or a reason #192

Yes, we are so sad, but if we are struggling to keep it together and look happy it's something like another human being being courageous enough to just let it out in this culture of, "You have to be happy all the time or something's wrong with you."

You need to go to the doctor and get put on medication, and just be reduced and poisoned every day, and then you won't be able to be sad anymore. That's sick! That is sick.

When we see another human being who's courageous enough to just feel their feelings and not blame it on anything we get jealous, "How dare this person be able to cry? I can't cry and be sad."

But really it's in our own heads, we do this to ourselves. Now, other people can help us. My wife is just amazing for giving me a safe place to cry. It takes a lot from her though not to hold her own stuff in, but to not take it personally.

I think a lot of us have an opportunity to help our partners by making space for our partner’s negative emotions.

What I've noticed in a lot of my relationships in my life is that my partner and I did not make space for each other's negative emotions. When I am feeling sad I don't want to be smothered with, "Oh, my God. What's wrong with you? Are you okay?"

That disgusts me because that doesn't feel safe to me. What feels safe is to just be allowed to feel my feelings and loved like nothing's changed, and this is called vulnerability.

I love being able to just feel my feelings because the majority of my feelings are pure joy and happiness.

Look at a child. That's why so many of us love children, and I get jealous seeing how people behave with children because I'm the same thing. I'm just a big grown-up baby. I want to be treated this same way a two and a half-year-old is treated.

Permission to cry and be sad without needing an excuse or a reason #192

It's amazing to see how differently people act with children and adults. With a child, the same person will be open, "Oh, I want a hug. I love you," and they will cry, and then, with an adult "Well, no. Don't come hug me." It's all weird. It's weird. I just want to be a child.

Jesus said we can learn to live like little children. If we want to enter the kingdom of heaven we must live like little children. He's serious about that, for real. That's what it means, it's so accurate.

My daughter unquestionably lives in heaven every day. She is happy almost all day, every day, then sometimes she just crashes and cries, and it's all wrong, and then she just gets over it.

She doesn't need to be smothered with love, "Oh, baby. What's wrong?"

I can literally just sit there and watch her cry. Sometimes she wants a hug and she will try to get one if she does. Often she doesn't want me to even touch her. She just wants to be sad for a minute, then she immediately, as soon as she's done crying, she's totally over it, it's done.

That's how I am now too. I cry about something and I'm done with it after that.

You see, even in how I talk, I just did it right there. It always has to be about something. I can't just cry and have it be about nothing.

How much better would our world be if each of us was aware of our own capability to just cry and have it be about nothing?

It didn't have to be about poverty, and I realized the world is full of a variety of experiences and a lot of us actually love tragedies because that's our permission to feel bad.

When we see a shooting we deep down secretly love it,"Oh, thank God. I can cry about this and no one will judge me. Oh, thank God."

Permission to cry and be sad without needing an excuse or a reason #192

In that way, these things actually are helping us experience our emotions, and if we don't want any more of them we need to be able to just feel our feelings for no reason, and then we won't need reasons to help us feel our feelings and to connect with each other.

Often when tragedy happens we are most open to being vulnerable and connecting with each other, and then when things are going good, "Well, I can't be bothered to give someone a hug or cry at work or whatever it is."

Be the change you want to see in the world. This is the change I want to see in the world. I want a world that feels safe to just break down and cry, just sob and say, "I don't know. I don't know," and then it's better.

We don't need some kind of substance to get us back to acting like a child because as you can tell I've struggled a lot with trying to cheat my way back to being a child, using substances and other substitutes to try to just return to a natural state.

I get a lot of people that ask me on live streams, "Are you high?" On my videos, "Are you high?"

This is a normal state of a human being who has permission to just live and be, and exist from inside. It doesn't have to be the external world.

Now, some places in the external world can make it more difficult. I find when I'm around certain people I have a harder time just breaking down and crying. When I'm around my wife and daughter, it's very easy for me to have a pure emotional experience, to just simply cry about something or about nothing.

You can see, I can hardly even say it. My own mind is so conditioned.

You can't just cry about nothing. You have to have a reason. Why is something wrong?

I find something that helps me a lot is to just experience it and to avoid asking the question, what's wrong?

Instead to ask, what's alive in me?

What am I experiencing right now?

And often the thoughts of the things I would have found by what's wrong will come up except they are not a problem. I'm feeling limited, I'm feeling not good enough, I'm full of judgment and fear.

Permission to cry and be sad without needing an excuse or a reason #192

Now, sure you could say that's what's wrong, but then it's not a problem. If I ask what's wrong, it becomes some problem, "Oh, I'm full of fear," or, "What am I going to do about that?"

Nothing, that's just what's happening right now, and then it passes. That's why so many of us love movies and music because they often assist us in letting our feelings out, and other people can assist us in letting our feelings out, and we can just feel things.

We are free today. Our biggest prison, our biggest limitation is what we place on ourselves. We put ourselves in this prison. We always have freedom.

That's why I've shared this, I hope we collectively realize that. I share this to help myself remember because I've been learning this lesson repeatedly.

It's okay for me to just feel something because sometimes I will feel like I don't have any business being happy. Everything might not be going good, I will be in a traffic jam or some minor inconvenience, and I will feel like I don't have any business being happy right now: "How dare I be happy when the line at the grocery store is long?"

And my mind says, "You should be sad. You have a reason to be unhappy. You can't be happy right now in the middle of this."

There will be a tragedy happening and I won't have any sadness in me and I won't feel any sadness. My mind says, “You can't be happy right now. This is the time to be sad.”

I'm not sad.

I don't have any sad.

I've experienced all my sad when I cried now 30 minutes ago. I'm not sad this happened. This is the world we live in. This is the world we have chosen to make together.

I'm happy to be here regardless of whatever's happened. I don't need permission to be happy and the miracle is to realize that most of life is pure happiness, joy and bliss when we just are free to experience it, and we don't have to wait to be happy, we don't have to have permission to be sad.

Permission to cry and be sad without needing an excuse or a reason #192

My message today is to give you permission. If you are sad feel free to lay down and grab a blanket, curl up in a corner.

My friend Ty, he'd take a basketball and sit in the closet and just cry, and there didn't have to be any reason for it.

It's okay. I like to curl up with a blanket in a fetal position and just sob. There's no reason for it.

I love you. You are awesome and I hope this helps. I hope this day 192 of Happier People Podcast was helpful.

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Let's stay together?

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I think you should be pretty happy about having the #1 trending post. lol Congratulations! :)

Nice way to cheer him up :)

It’s an interesting solution for getting emotionally back to normal. I like that it actually can help from snapping at somebody when emotions are overwhelming.
As for me personally, I find these bible verses very comforting. I like to pretend being a baby in God’s strong and caring arms in those moments of cry.

Matthew 11:28-30 New International Version (NIV)

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Very creativity project!!
Thank you for the beautiful and hard work!!

You can cry on my shoulder anytime Bossman 😂

Hey Jerry, you look younger now. :)

Sometimes we just need to cry for no reason when there is so much built up inside of us

absolutely right, it's like you boil water in a pot, the pressure must go out, if the pot is closed while boiling it can come to an explosion.
Best regards

Well said.

Hi @jerrybanfield,
'on top of the world, down in the dumps'
sometimes it's absolutely necessary to show our emotion, we got our emotions to show, not to hide.
I live in Thailand many years now and I can say the Thais are the biggest masters of Not showing emotion. Teached as children every emotion to hide under a smile.
That's the true reason why Thailand is called the Land of Smile !
But how it looks inside of the Masters of hiding emotion?
It's sad, very sad... Believe me...
So it's for sure better when we can show our emotions.
Have a great day and best regards from
"The Land Of Smile"

I thought I am the only have mood swings like sometimes I don't understand why do I feel angry ,sad ,happy. but later on I came to know that there are many people just like me. some external factors are also cause for mood swings like being hungry and surroundings will also a keyrole.

Hey @jerrybanfield,
You are really god damn impressive, your posts are just AMAZING!
You got my witness vote ;)
If you got some spare time, would you mind to check out my posts and just tell me what i could improve? Are the topics ok? Or should I change something dramatically?
Would be awesome!
Thanks and have a good day!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

enjoy reading your article, the truth is that we must learn to live with emotions because it is part of us, in my case fibromyalgia taught me to live with very strong depressive states that often end in crying without reason and without reason, but not is wrong, it's just a condition that becomes part of you almost instantaneously, so I just let it flow, I drink coffee and let the crying come out when he decides ... and what annoying when they say: you're good ? Is something bad happening? Hahaha


Great message in this post today Jerry! Thank-you. I am currently learning to feel emotions again. And, to let them flow! Crazy we are conditioned to be so un-human about these things ❤✌

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Thank You !

Repressing emotions leads to disease in the body.

Most times life seem so frustrating and discouraging

At some point we can't walk further anymore we only have to crawl but no matter what we will still arrive

Some days we beg to eat and hustle but it doesn't even pay

We put a mask on our face to scare the god in us just to survive

We hide our conscience pierce our skin fight ourselves just to survive

We try to pretend but we can't hold back the tears in our closest

There are challenges I encounter and I know that no one can help me except myself and God

There are choices I make out of pain but I have to because that is the only alternative left

Am not afraid to lose or fail
I only want to get better than my yesterday thank you for sharing
Upvoted and resteemed as usual

Are you human???? lol This is freedom!! Be you! <3 Just the other day I reached my 2000 follower milestone; I cried. It was happy tears, but I cried. True freedom. Best wishes to you always !!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Lol it's kind of funny to cry over nothing; I did enjoy your post... Thanks for sharing

Its true. Sometimes we should just allow ourself to let out true emotions
Thats the only way to attain peace at times

Great post!

ohhh u r right i always depressed without any reason its really strange but when i m happy it also hasn,t reason i think i am pretty syco ummm but if u r also than thank GOD i get company :D
Well never mind its really tough project u did great job i also don,t like to read the projects it would be really awesome if you shared your project as a story in your videos it would be really exciting
thanks for sharing
keep it up

I have to tell you honestly, sometimes your energy scares me !!! May be because I have also so much energy and I know some people are also scared from it (I was told so).
But you right, there is no other way but let the emotions go freely outside and be honest with what you feel.
Keep going ! Honesty with yourself is the most important thing

I hardly ever feel sad personally, but as an empathetic person, I feel the sadness of others, a lot, just as I feel the joys of others, a lot. And these are real emotional responses, which many out there don't understand. But I tell you, when I have those empathetically inspired feelings, I welcome them, as experiencing them really gives me a boost, in reflection. Great post!

Truth. Thank you sir.

Sounds crazy to cry like a baby but it sounds more loving than judgement or revenge.

Absolutely agree, I can see some valuable things in your post that I will apply in may daily life. Thanks so much. I'm newbie, critic, guide, d suggestion for the senior in steemit is warmly appreciated

God Bless You!

Well my esteemed friend @jerrybanfield. I bet the 'insight & knowledge' enclosed in this post will bring you lotta cure & sanity for these suddenly quandaries & conundrums.

Yeah! take a peep buddy!! I promise you won't regret. Even when it seems like a revenge from me also submitting you to read and digest a lengthy tirade almost as long as yours. }:)

You are very handsome

သင္က အရမ္း ခ႔ႇားပါတယ္

Our Selfie Art for you, Jerry. Click it to read our post about your thoughts today please.

Too original and very creative. Thank you very much for sharing your creativity.

Thank you so much for your permission. I'll go get my blanket.💙

Nise off u i am new foolow me guys i am from pakistan

Hello @jerrybanfield I just upvoted your post and followed you too ➡. Kindly do same so we can help each other through.

You are so right! Emotions are not rational and we can feel things without having a reason. We just feel what we feel and sometimes there is no reason for it. I get sad sometimes too and I am not sure why. I try not to stay sad for too long though because I prefer to be happy. But, we were given a lot of emotions and we need to use them all often, they are gifts honestly. Good for you that you share your truth and what you are feeling. Thanks for sharing :)

Sometimes crying can stabilize the emotions in the rasa.Please you cry without having to ask permission from anyone because it is your right as human beings.😉

i hope you will be always beside with me

I think I know how you feel? I am like you... But mostly, I feel sad because I always remember my mother (grandmother). I regret not to see her! It is hard for me not to see her... I feel lonely... I feel alone... But I have my family? But my parents are different to my own family... But I feel relief when I did my last message to my mother... And while doing it, tears fall continuously...

But, I enjoy your video now... (^_^)

will try what you are doing now. i have just lost someone very important in my life few months back. sometimes i dont know how to express my sadness maybe i need to do what you do right know and i will let you know the outcome.

I love this! My daughter went through this about a year ago of just trying to find the REASON for her sadness. Sometimes you don't need a reason. You're just sad! Feel the feeling and then move on. Spot on! I just subscribed to your podcast because I'm curious about what else you have to say. 😊

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Il y a 1 seconde
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Unfortunately we are taught to ignore peoples sadness or tell them to "get a grip"

What if the Unabomber was able to go have tea with a neighbor and cry out his pain and express his desire to bomb people and have the neighbor sooth him... you get my

Drug addition, suicide and other so called disorders all center around mental anguish, pain in the heart, helplessness and other emotions which can be managed by support of each other and the ability to cry and let it out when needed.

Our teenage children sit in the back rooms filled with pain because we train them to "stop crying" or "stop being a baby" or give them some food or sweet to sooth them over.

And unfortunately crying and displaying your hurt is a symbol of weakness when it is one of the strongest displays of behavior. It is the self rescuing the self if we just get out of the way :) Thanks for listening ! Definitely upvoted

Very nice project

Really cool article. After the crash of 2008 my husbands business failed. He had a breakdown, we had two small kids, ended up emigrating - long story. During this time I used to cry in the shower. It wasn't because I was sad or happy or anything; it was just a way of balancing my emotions. It was very cathartic. Reading your article reminded me of how I had felt, it was strangely good to revisit these feelings.