Coldplay. Instrumental Guitar. Jeff.

in dsound •  last year 

Here is a live take of Yellow by Coldplay.

Recorded with a Boss RC2 looper and a Faith Venus series 1 Acoustic guitar.

Cheers for listening.

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)
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wonderfull #man congratualations good work


Thank You @wasgyo. I hope you sang/hummed/whistled in tune :)


fallow me...

Nice piece, keep it up.. Load us more though


Cheers @aice20. Will do in the future man. relocating soon. Thanks for listening :)


You are most welcome

Wow. This is awesome. Come and be my steemit husband.


Haha @saefhenry. Thats the first time anybody has said that..Excellent :)


so wah do u say?

Do you do any vocals at all? Anyways, I like the sound. I could see a really cool video put together for your version :)


Thanks @chasegapo. I sing a little and will reveal all soon :) I hope you Stay tuned :)
Any video makers out there in Cambodia???? Ha ;)

Can you teach me how to play a guitar 🎸 my love for guitar and other musical instruments is really intensive.


Steemit guitar lesson coming soon man. stay tuned :) Cheers.

nice one! just resteem upvote and follow you!

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