Dreamcatcher - Original Acoustic Instrumental

in dsound •  4 months ago

Dreamcatcher is track #1 from Jeff's EP and tells the tale of when love dies and you look back on it and remember. Played in C minor tuning it certainly packs a punch and would sound ace with a complete band! One day chaps :D Have a good day! Cheers.
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Beautiful guitar sound! Love your playing style, very clean and always changing, not repetitive. I noticed you before, but sort of forgot for a-while. Happy to "rediscover" you. :)))


Aww cheers shephard :D
Thanks for the thoughts man :)
Fist bumps sent across the pond :D
Here is the video to that tune if you would like a giggle.. Yeeow


HaHaHa. Quite a rock star you are! Are you in Thailand?


Yeehaa thank man :D
I am in Phnom Penh Cambodia.
That temple is a few miles out of town and I had to make a moment there :D