No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley)

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I grew up listening to Bob and this was the first song I learned to play. I still open with this for most of my cover gigs. I hope you all enjoy!
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I can't get Dsound to play.. trying to listen. A lot of times when people upload to Dsound they also include a link to soundcloud or choon or youtube for people who have Dsound troubles... also have you heard of Steemit open mic yet? Super great resource for musicians/songwriters here. : )

Thats weird, I've been having a bit of trouble with Dsound in general. I just tried it and it took a minute or so to load but it worked for me. If you still can't get it to play and want to hear shoot me your email and I'd be happy to send it to you! I have heard of it but still not quite sure how works. any tips?

For sure! I'll keep trying.. And yeah if you go to @openmic or to luzcypher's page you will see all the info.. but here is this week's contest post:

There are quite a few rules to look through but it's only to prevent plagiarism and identity theft.. the main super important things to know so you aren't disqualified are these:

  1. Record a video using an instrument of any kind while singing (no karaoke) and upload it to youtube or Vimeo (you can upload to DTube but you have to at least also have a youtube or Vimeo link to qualify because the judges have a hard time getting DTube to play all the way through sometimes... much like Dsound is treating me today.) Add the video to a new steemit post and type a few words about it. (or a lot or words.. a few paragraphs is all people usually say. They're not picky about a good description really but it does help sometimes to get you in the top 5 if you have something meaningful to say about the song. And original songs tend to win over covers, but covers are welcomed as well)

  2. At the beginning of the video (SUPER IMPORTANT) the very first things you say... you should say your username and the contest week number (like if you uploaded today for this week's contest you would say something like "Hey my username is and this is my entry for Steemit open mic Week 97.

  3. Make openmic be the first tag of your post. If it's an original song make originalsong be the next tag.

  4. You can title your post anything you want just be sure the first words in your title say STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 97

  5. Post the url to your steemit open mic post in the comments section of the current weeks contest announcement post (This week it's the link through the picture above.. or just go to ) and also upvote that post as well.

That's it!

People are most often disqualified for not saying their username and the contest week number at the front of their video. So be suuuuure to remember. :)

Let me know if you do it! Are you on discord? I am paintingangels(serena)#3668 : ) I'm actually also a scout for a group named @helpie here and would be happy to tell you about that as well!

I sound like a bot or a commercial or something but I swear Im human.. ha ha. I just like to scout out the new musicians on Steemit and help grow the music and arts community. I'm a musician too : )

OH and I got it to play and that is amazing!! That's you singing and playing?

@paintingangels Thanks for all the info, I'll definitely be looking into that! And yes thats all me. I didn't produce that one but I'll be uploading some originals I did self produce in a week or two! I do have discord but I don't really know how to use it yet! I just joined last week so all this is still super new to me!

I am glad that you got it to play and that you liked it. I am hoping that starts to enter in the @openmic contests as well. He will do great there.

Awesome! This is such a great cover. Like @paintingangels said, you need to look into the @openmic contests and get involved with those. There are a lot of people there that would love to hear your music.