Out of Phase // My Original Song // S.A.M.C. Volume 5 Submission

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This is my submission for @soundlegion's Steemit Artist Music Compilation Volume 5.

I love that @soundlegion puts these compilations together.
It's such a great initiative to promote all the amazing musicians we have here on Steemit!

One of my goals on Steemit is to help creative artists as much as I can so I'll be playing the songs from this compilation on my @msp-waves radio shows!

Out of Phase

What we knew
Lost inside a memory of older when we crossed over
Out of view
Separated, shifting, and unglued
Do you remember when we held on as your Demons fought your God?
Now inside of you, maybe you don't feel anything
And maybe I've lost my way to you
Maybe it's over
Maybe tomorrow stay
And maybe I'll find a maze through to you
Maybe tomorrow
But your signal is out of phase
And maybe I've lost my way
My rescue
Failing as I let these embers smolder as we grew colder
Black and blue
Bruises never fade when they're always new

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hey @isaria ....another awesome piece <3
also dropping a line that you are one of the 3 winners of the Incredibly Photogenic Pet Contest :)


Yay, thank you battleaxe!

When the objective includes helping others, the benefits arrive. I find your initiative interesting to promote other musical talents. Very adequate the lyrics of your original song. Success!

Wow this is cool. I like how you are layering and building up on a theme. It kinda builds a landscape in my mind as the song progresses.. if that makes any sense at all. Anyway sounds great :)

Nice compo track song

Magick :)

I like the way it gently builds. Very professional sound.

Me encantó isaria. Muy original.

That was beautiful. Perfect for inspiration while drawing. Thanks!

hey @isaria I do not know how i missed this one! I got into my email today and was thrilled to get a track from you and a FANTASTIC ONE! thank you ! would have resteemed and upvoted this if I had seen it, def got ya in the update post. much love all day