Broken // One Of My Original Dream Songs

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Sometimes I compose music in my dreams. It's usually a dream where I'm listening to a song and wishing that I wrote it...then I wake up and realize that I did write it lol.

I generally wake up from this type of dream at around 4 AM and have to force myself to get up to record the idea before I forget it.
Sometimes I'm too lazy to get up...or I have 5 cats sleeping on me and I can't get up.
But, most times I actually make it out of bed.

I have a ton of these little dream music ideas recorded on my phone and sometimes I turn them into songs.

Broken is one of those songs.
I dreamed of the melody:
"Do you believe in love?"
"Do you believe in me?"

I heard those 2 lines over and over in a dream. When I woke up, it was so clear in my mind and sounded so familiar to me that I was sure it was already a song in existence.

The original version of this song was a melancholy fingerstyle guitar ballad, but I started thinking about the idea of being Broken, and the emotional meaning of what the song meant to me.

I decided that the music needed to represent those broken emotions by sounding broken itself.....hence the schizophrenic​, multi-genre, somewhat frantic sound.

I also created a music video for this, but I have yet to finish it.
The pic above is from the video shoot...taken at a "haunted" mansion that I never want to return to again.....


Loved this song when I heard it on msp the other night, but the with the better quality now rather than on discord its just amazeballs stunning. And really relatable.

Thank you so much!

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She's already on my radar. Shes awesome. 😁

Wow! This is pretty intense or let me rephrase that, pretty and intense. It reminded me of the band Hole, don't ask me why exactly. But their album from the late 90s came back to mind. I guess it's due to your voice, the rock and the overall energy.


I know it's pretty different but believe me, it's meant as a compliment :>)

Listening back to Hole, your music actually sounds a lot better, haha!

Long story short, I am glad to have rediscovered your blog and to have discovered your music (due to you popping up in the steemit community catalist discord). I also think you're doing an awesome job for the music/ creative community on here.

I am looking forward to following you from now on...

Thank you so much..... I like Hole!!!

Cool! :>)

Have a <3ly day

Damnit.. I hate to say it but I admire you...
mehh... just said it.. there you go.
Love your work, love your style, keep it up!

lol thank you!
I admire you as well!
I really appreciate your Gating synths with Arpeggiator post.
I look forward to seeing more posts like that from you!

Oh comeon,
I think your skills exceed these kinds of little tips,
but it feels good you said that anyway..... :D
Thank you!


Well of course it is!!

BTW Absolutely LOVE THIS

Thank you!!!

I really like your song, is so good.
Do you believe in love?
Do you believe in me?
Really nice !!
Have a nice day from Venezuela!

@isaria you did a very good one.. I love the vocal..
Personally to me I believe in love..

This is a good one, it's in the top two or three to me. It's like another chapter in a book and it hits close to home.
Nothing much to say that I haven't said before, so just to sum it up in one word, "phenomenal."

Thank you so much.
It makes me happy that you appreciate my music!

Once I dreamt that I was listening to music in some mall. I later found this song was "Only in My Dreams" by Debbie Gibson.

That a amazing music.. personally I like this music..
Your providing music just my favorite..
Thanks a lot for sharing this...
Keep it up. Upvote and resteemit done..😘😘😘

Wow i love it <3 Is amazing, very good.

This is a good song

wow very amazing this song .

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very good music..