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I GOT SOME MORE HOT BEATS TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL!!! Consider this the appropriate safety hazard! The beat I'm sharing today is called Clarion and is a dynamic song with lots of crazy parts. It goes from being pretty laid back and spacious, with a melody on some bells. I also laid down some guitar, which makes for a great addition to most tracks. It gets pretty crazy for a minute before breaking into the whole outro-section, which feels strangely hypnotic to me (its my fave section in this song). I loved composing the piano parts as always, though the drums are what make the end feel epic to me. THE DRUMS MAKE IT ALL, LIKE TRAVIS SCOTT SAYS!

As always everything is made in Ableton, usually with the help of my push 2!!

Come be a goon and check out my tunes on choon ;P (though we are so stoked about Appics!)

Got lots of new music in the works too!!

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