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STEEMIANS! HAPPY SEPTEMBER! I would like to share a dope collab between @avesa and myself. We wrote a dope little song for the Steemit community! Just both of us, and a piano and a guitar. We wrote, arranged and recorded it all within 2 hours!!! Hopefully you all enjoy it!!!


hold on my sisters and brothers as we steem through these rocky waters and seek to build a better world for our sons and our daughters

from the belly of the whale upstream the minnow shall sail as we seek to tip the scale hold on

Hope you all enjoy it!!! As always huge shoutout to @prc and @dsound and all they do for the community. its an honor to be here.

Come be a goon and check out my tunes on choon ;P

Also I’m a part of @bipolar entertainment, a dope collaborative collective. Check out all of our collabs and tunes there. Everything from funk and soul to electronic and hip hop… then remixed altogether…

instagram.com/bipolarent (though we are so stoked about Appics!)

Got lots of new music in the works too!!

The Infamous IT

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


Amen to that ! What a great song !
Didn't you have a version of this song just you on the piano with @avesa?I remember a video of you drinking :)

Oh btw check this out

I think you guys gonna enjoy the concept!Share with @avesa too, it's like an algorithm that's gonna profit new users, for better retentio, and profit everyone.

indeed we did my friend!!! Thank you so much for being so attentive amongst all the music and content you see/hear/consume on Steemit. It means the world to us.

Oh stop it bro you know you guys are awesome! I see your songs are blowing up on CHoon too ? well deserved!

thanks for the heads up btw!! we will def both be checkin it out!

My pleasure !!!

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