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How's it going? Infamous IT here, and I got another hot track for all of you on this beautiful September day! I GOT A FUNKY TRACK ALL OF YOU TODAY! It's called Feeling Me and it's a track inspired by a set of new pedals I just got including the EHX POG 2, Red Panda Particle Delay, the EHX Ravish Sitar pedal, and the Arapnoid Arpeggiator pedal by Earthquaker Devices! Of course we got to writing a little funk tune, and came out with some dope lyrics and rhythm to accompany it. All in all this track came together fairly quickly too! shoutout to my brother from another mother @drfunk13 who is a creative genius!!

Can't wait to check out your recent tunes and creations as well!

Come be a goon and check out my tunes on choon ;P choon.co/artists/theinfamousit

Also I’m a part of @bipolar entertainment, a dope collaborative collective. Check out all of our collabs and tunes there. Everything from funk and soul to electronic and hip hop… then remixed altogether… open.spotify.com/artist/4kN9raheIC3slQKvcPTDVK?si=_GlGrksRR7WJrxaqXIqbyw

The Infamous IT

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