Himalayan Suite - The Silk Road

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This song is the final track of the Himalayan Suite, the only track with vocal, and it relates to the loneliness and the dangers of journeying along that famous route through the Himalayas. Vagabonds, thieves, avalanches and freezing fog, steep canyons and ravines are just some of the many dangers that the travellers would come across on their journeys, not to mention he snow blizzards and the blindness in the snow. Even these days, heavily laden, brightly painted flag and pennant bearing trucks rumble through these passes at a snails pace, fearing a slip over the edge of the often icy roads. And all in the interest of trade, wealth or military conquest. The reason I sang this song, and it isn't great singing, is that I wanted a reminder of how my voice sounded so soon after my throat cancer treatment, so I'll always have something to look back on and compare to however I end up with when my throat finishes metamorphosing and healing. I particularly like the chant at the end. Of all the tracks, I think this one is the most atmospheric and a great ending to the Himalayan Suite.

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Himalayan Suite The Silk Road (© Stephen Whitby)

Lost in time,
Do you know where we‘re going,
You’ve travelled this road,
Have you been in these mountains so empty?

Follow this road,
Like Millions before me,
Elephants of war,
And armies of glory and death

The air is so thin
Just breathing’s like dying,
Lost and blind
In the snow and the mountains around me.

All around,
Is snow, peaks and sky man!
Follow this road,
And stay with the Caravan,

Follow this road,
Don’t stray from the Caravan.

Follow this road,
Don’t stray from the Caravan.

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