[Hae-Joo] - Libation

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This is the first track I actually "finished" since I started playing around with Native Instrument VSTs.

I feel like I finally have the basics of trap / electronic music production down. Kind of like that feeling after going through yellow belt, green belt, blue belt, red belt...

I once heard that "You only start your journey as a martial artist after you get your black-belt".

This track, which just felt like it should be called Libation, represents the beginning of my journey through music. I don't think this beat is really special, but it represents the culmination of years of interest in music, and the beginning of a new chapter.

It took me about 8 hours to make from start-to-finish, and upon completion, left me with a tingling sensation in my heart, and the feeling that this was indeed the beginning of something great.

I have only God, my Life, and Mankind to thank for my creativity. I realize that for all the neuroticism and chaos that has afflicted my life; I'm beginning to see how my biggest "demons"; my issues and problems and negative emotions... were not curses but indeed gifts in disguise.

I hope you will all enjoy the music I plan to release in the future... It's all up-hill from here.
Hopefully it will include some fantastic rap and poetry and multi-media productions as well, in a not-so-distant future...

I love you Steem Fam <3

Peace and Love,


PS: If there are any Steemit rappers, and ya'll would like some beats. Hit me up.

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► Listen from source (IPFS)

First thing I listened to when I woke up just now. I must say, myyyy maaaan! Not bad, not bad at all. It needs some dope lyrics. Are you working with a lyricist?

Totes does. And yeah, the intention is out there.
Am going back home for July and will be seeing some friends of mine who are siiiick rappers.
Will try to arrange a collab asap. :3
Glad you liked it Stace! Thanks for the support <3

Kick ass tune, loved the bass, and looking forward to hearing much more from you!

Thanks so much @lyndsay! 😍
This is just the beginning, I can assure you!
Got a lot of stuff coming down the pike!
I think it's all I really have time for, now that I'm truly realizing my place in the cosmos... Life is a blink of an eye

It's not playing for me on either source at the moment, I'll leave this page open and keep trying throughout the day. I'm totally looking forward to hearing your music!

PS: @hugothepoet is posting on STEEM now, check out his last song. I'm thinking maybe he would take you up on the offer of beats perhaps! Would be a cool collab!!

Glad you got it working!
Yeah... I have about 50 unfinished projects that were like homeworks...
But my workflow is good now, can finally start cranking out finished songs
Still learning every-day but practice makes perfect, and nothing would make me happier than my work actually helping somebody else! Can you introduce us?
Btw add my Discord! @imp.unity#5992
I had to make a new one after getting banned (SMH)

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