Heaterville - Mobb (Instrumental) West Coast Hip Hop/ Ratchet

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This beat actually belongs to a song called Popp'n by Shawn Rude featuring SOB X RBE. It was released on a well known blog in The Bay Area, California. The name of the blog is called Thizzler, and the song took off on there charts and went all the way up to #2! The song is currently sitting around 250,000 views on Thizzler's You Tube Channel. This one of the songs that did well for me last year. This is a signature sound out here where i'm from. This type of sound is hard to explain even though it sounds like its easy to make. Yea it might be easy to make but can you make it sound dope? Simple Bass Line, with simple melody, but the thing about it is that its catchy. Also its all about arrangement with these type of beats. The arrangement is very important, taking certain elements at certain times, then bringing everything back together at a certain time. I was fortunate to work with Shawn Rude on this record, & SOB X RBE are really hot right now and are on the come up.

Here's the youtube:

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

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