Introduction and Greeting with Aceh Anthem Instrument

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Hello Dsoundtribe around the world, introduce my name is Habibie, you can call me as Abye.

Previously, it was an infinite pride to know that steemit has given space for musicians to be able to work with their musicality. And also can share information about the various genres played by all Dsoundtribe here.
The more convinced that this is a very extraordinary platform, it helps us to channel our hobby.
Thanks for my brother @taufar who has informed me of this information. best regards to you, my brother.

And, let me write this post for the first time with a regional song from Aceh, an area located in Indonesia, precisely on the island of Sumatra. the place where I was born and raised by my parents. The instrument is titled "Bungong Jeumpa (Flower of Jeumpa)". I play with fingerstyle technique.

Thank you, my brother, everyone. My honor to musicians all over the world who joined on this platform. Great hope to share about the work you give here.

Click and listen to the following Instruments, I suggest that you use Earphones, so the instrument that I play can you feel as well as possible.

follow me @habibiehamzah
my house production : Blackwolf Official

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Dont stop posting dude. I appreciate your hard effort for this pretty music. Well done finger style in this part. I love it. When you ll post the real screaming cover over here?

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